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Interest rate is something that varies- this is just some general information

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Home Loan AmountMonthly Down Payment
(20 years)*
Property OptionsRequired Gross
Monthly Income
N$720,000N$7,200Full Title 2 Bed 1 BathN$29,000
N$755,000N$7,500Full Title 2 Bed 2 BathN$32,400
N$790,000N$7,900Full title Upmarket 2Bed 2BathN$39,000
N$855,000N$8,550Full Title 3Bed 1BathN$33,400
N$882,500N$8,900Full Title 3Bed 2BathN$37,000
N$956,900N$9,560Full Title 4Bed 2BathN$39,700


The home loan affordability table’s calculations are estimates only. We provide it for general information only. This is just to give you an idea on how much more or less you can buy for and was done without any professional or financial service provider or advice. GPM can make no claims, promises or guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained on the web site. Laws are constantly changing and legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each application

Fees and charges are per individual application, they always differ depending on Bond amount etc.
On all applications bond,transfer, admin fees and charges will be changed and charged accordingly.
For an accurate calculation of the home loan you qualify for and monthly down payment kindly contact your preferred bank.

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